Besnard has specialized for over 40 years in helping Owner/Operators reduce their financial exposure from windstorms.  Again this year, we are offering our exclusive program to buy-down your named storm wind deductible.

We offer a Named Storm Wind Deductible Buy-Down plan to address escalating deductibles and help lower the increased burden of risk commercial property owners have had to assume (a higher deductible means less exposure for your primary carrier and more for you). The deductible has essentially become a major risk for property owners and this plan allows you to reduce your deductible to an amount your business can better sustain in the event of property damage.

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Disclaimer:  As with all insurance coverages, some coverages are only available in specific areas, before certain dates, pricing factors vary by plan, capacity is limited, and coverages are not bound until binder is provided by your insurance advisor in writing.  Once a storm is named, we will be unable to bind coverage.  It is recommended each year that coverage is purchased no later than May 15th.  Remember, this is a Named Storm Wind Deductible Buy-Down and does not cover losses due to Flood, etc.  Coverage can only be determined by the actual policy(s) so you must review your policy(s) carefully.