Protect the business
It is why Armed Assailant Protection has been developed specifically for the needs of small businesses facing physical attacks. The policy will activate following:

-a malicious attack that involves any hand-held weapon, such as a gun or a knife, vehicle-ramming or explosive device

—  a broad policy response means no argument over whether an incident is covered;

-a malicious attack at any named location

—  if all your sites are named on the policy, the attack – wherever it happens within your business – will be covered;

-a malicious attack within a set distance of a named location

—  even if the attack doesn’t happen on your premises, you can still be covered under ‘loss of attraction’.

Hiscox Armed Assailant Protection goes beyond the cover offered by traditional insurance policies,
to offer financial support and crisis management support when it’s most needed.
Following an attack – either at your location or nearby – Hiscox Armed Assailant Protection will respond to protect you and your staff, providing cover for:

-property damage costs related to a malicious attack;

-business interruption costs including: continuing loss; loss of attraction; and denial of access;

– ongoing crisis response costs including: counselling; medical expenses; and crisis management expenses.

Who should buy Hiscox Armed Assailant Protection?
Hiscox Armed Assailant Protection is available for any small business that could be vulnerable to an attack. This includes – but is not limited to – restaurants, franchises, bars and taverns, retail, hotels, entertainment, leisure, places of worship and healthcare facilities.

Hiscox Crisis Management
The Hiscox Crisis Management division serves both corporate and private clients. Our exclusive partnership with Control Risks allows us to bring together renowned insurance expertise and unparalleled security risk and crisis management capability to protect what matters most to our clients.