Acts of war, terrorism and political violence can have a devastating impact on businesses.

Starting prior to current events, we have been offering insurance premiums starting around $5,000 per Restaurant, we are the first to offer $1,000,000 in coverage for WTPV with one of the longest-standing Lloyd’s markets for these type of current global threats.

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  • Effectively Run Your Business During War
  • Prepare so that you can be part of the solution (the one that can help others) vs. being part of the problem (the one needing help)
    • “Fear should be motivating, not debilitating”

Some Public War News and Updates: 

Daily Updates:

  • Daily Overview/Update Video – Canadian News Feed (watch the latest video)
    • US and Germany send tanks and more troops – 1/26/2023
    • Russian Ships Off US Coasts – Hawaii (spy) and Northeast (nuclear) – 1/23/2023
    • Moscow installing missile defense systems around city – 1/19/2023
    • Medvedev makes some apocalyptic predictions for the west, more attacks on power substations throughout the USA, blackouts in Europe, Oil prices about to rise, every day carry, Taiwan prepares for war, commuter chaos leaves hundreds of thousands stranded at airports, Europe’s mild weather is postponing Russia’s winter offensive. – 12/28/2022
    • Attacks on nuclear bases, USA power grid attacked again, Korean peninsula on high alert, shots fired at Serbia/ Kosovo border, Chinas massive incursion of Taiwan airspace, sleeper cells activated around the world, storms of the century, looting and famine. Get ready for 2023… – 12/26/2022
    • Moscow has deployed mobile air defenses around the city, Russian bunkers now being stocked, as a record breaking winter storm paralyzes North America – 12/24/2022
  • War in Israel-Gaza – Daily Updates
  • North Korean Missile Launches – Daily Updates
  • War In Ukraine – Daily Updates
  • World Politics News – Daily Update

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Coverage and Rates subject to changes based on current events