Small Business Health

By far the most common benefits made available to restaurant employees, and the one most requested by employees, health insurance comes in many forms and with widely varying levels of benefits.

  • Fixed Benefit – affordable health insurance plan with fixed benefits that helps you pay for the medical services you actually use
  • Major Medical – with our major medical insurance plans, you’ll get the secure coverage you need to protect you or your family
  • Small Business Options – customize a small business health insurance plan that fits your small business needs and budget, while also providing trusted coverage for your employees. To find out about other types of benefits please read free term papers .


  • Regular dental care could mean better overall health. Several plan options are available to keep your teeth, and your budget, healthy.


  • Supplemental insurance provides additional protection against health care expenses not covered by your plan.
  • Examples:  Dental, Accident, and Critical Illness


  • Term Life – Preferred Quotes For Restaurant Owners, Employers, Friends and Family
      • No medical exam required, immediate enrollment online with electronic signature.
      • Can provide higher coverage amounts, a medical exam is required.
  • Key Person Life Insurance
  • And More