Thank you for taking the time to partner with us on insurance and safety.  Below are the materials referenced in the recent mid-year review meeting. If you have any questions please call our office and ask for Safety or email

As discussed in the presentation, you should have received your companies report the last week of August. The purpose of this report is to help educate you on your package renewal. All green check marks will ensure you get the best possible price on your renewal. Below is an explanation of what each line on the report represents. If you have not received your report, or have questions, you can email

Below is a description of what each line on the report represents.

The top section of the report represents the “required” items to qualify for the base safety credit.

Safety Service Commitment form should have been signed and returned to Besnard Insurance by now. If your report shows a red X and you need an additional copy of the safety form, please email

Ansul form should have been completed by your Ansul service company. If your report shows a red X, CLICK HERE to access the online form. Please share this page with your Ansul service company and they can complete the form online..

Managers Safety University (MSU)– to be considered for the safety credit you need to have at least 3 managers from each of your restaurants complete the Customer Safety course. CLICK HERE to learn more and to register.

The middle section of the report are things that you can do to qualify for “additional discount considerations.”

By keeping a safety cone up in your restrooms, it ensures that everyone is being warned of the possible hazard when they enter your restrooms. CLICK HERE for a visual representation.

Apply a slip resistant tile treatment to your lobby, dining area and restroom floors. The product that our clients are seeing the most success with is Slip Safe. Visit to learn more or to order the treatment for all your restaurant.

AutoMist and Cascade Plus Hood Filters are both products that can help reduce the spread of a fire that originates at your fryers or grills.

The bottom section shows how your losses/claims compare to over 4,000 McDonalds owner/operator restaurants.

Customer related losses are your General Liability claims. A green check indicates that your average losses per store are better than the national average.

Property Losses are your Property claims. A green check indicates that your average losses per store are better than the national average.


If you would like to see your current losses, CLICK HERE to request your loss runs.


Additional information on the topics we discussed during the presentation…


Immediate Action

  • Install our New Profit From Safety Mobile App– Visit from your mobile device to download. After installing the app, click request access to get your companies username and password.
  • MSU Status Report– Along with the Mid-Year report, we also sent you an MSU report which shows who has completed the training at each of your restaurants. Email for updated reports as you need them.
  • CamerasCLICK HERE for information about upgrading your cameras.


Manager Training




Slip / Fall prevention


Trip and Fall prevention


Preventing Beverage BurnsCLICK HERE to download a free poster.